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The goal of this research project is to analyze over the last 50 years the South Florida areas that have experienced an immense influx of Latin American immigrants,which in turn, has allowed for the distinct Latin American cultures to pervade and greatly influence the Miami business, commercial, housing, and cultural spectrums and deeply integrate Miami into the Latin American world.


This project will use analysis of research, interviews, and photos to create an awareness of the ever changing Miami’s atmosphere due to the rise in hispanic immigrants. This project’s purpose is the provide a unique interpretation of the changes that were brought upon Miami’s  society  because of the Latin Americans.


Our research team is a coalition of multicultural students who are active in and knowledgeable about the Latin communities that currently are present in Miami.

Our Team Members & their respective Cultures:

Gabriel Eduardo Jaramillo -Colombia

Josh Silberwasser -Colombia

Patrick Geraghty -Argentina

Ryan Sears -U.S



Hispanics and Latinos in